iFi xDSD Gryphon

wichtiger Hinweis für xDSD Gryphon Besitzer: Firmware-Update 1.22 im iFi Downloadhub

Für Besitzer des xDSD Gryphon steht im Download Hub von iFi Audio ein weitreichender Firmware-Update zur Verfügung.

Geräte die nach dem 10. Dezember 2020 bei uns gekauft wurden haben diesen Update bereits!

Release Notes:
Firmware version – xDSD Gryphon – v1.22

1. Modify the operation of restoring factory settings: change the factory settings to the sub-menu item of „Xspace/XBass II“ key long pressed for 3s (before long pressed „Xspace/XBass“ key, then pressed the power on to perform the restoration of factory settings), turn the volume knob to select yes. ), turn the volume knob to select yes, then press the volume knob once to confirm the factory settings: clear all address codes from Bluetooth memory, filter default Std, Bluetooth voice announcement on, screen brightness default high, USB charging default -, volume default -USB charging default off, volume default -21dB, restore factory settings default NO
2. Modify the function of mute key (volume knob press operation) under USB/BT input to: pause playback
3. Add short press volume key twice to switch the previous song (USB/BT input only), short press three times to switch the next song (USB/BT input only).
4. Modify the screen xbass+ icon to xbassII
5. Fix the power indicator light going off after the battery is fully charged (previously it did not go off, showing the current power indicator)
6. Add screen brightness option auto (after selected, 10S no operation automatically darken, effect = low), off option (after selected 10S no operation automatically extinguish the screen).
7. Fix the problem that when the screen is off, pressing the „channel select button“ or „Xspace/XBass II“ once to wake up the screen will switch the channel or Xspace/XBass II state at the same time (optimized to press the channel select button or „Xspace/XBass II“
once). „Xspace/XBassⅡ“, only the screen wake up does not change the channel and does not change the Xspace/XBassⅡ status)
8. Fix the power on display half a frame and then display the actual power (changed to directly display the actual power)
9. Fix the battery indicator flashing when charging at the USB data port in the power off state, and the battery indicator flashing for 5S after unplugging the charging cable and then going out
10. Optimize volume synchronization, synchronize XDSD volume after USB/Bluetooth connection. (Reserved: occasionally the first access to the USB need to manually pull the volume bar after the automatic synchronization)
11. Modify the screen to show the Bluetooth icon after the Bluetooth connection (remove the two dots, refer to Neo iDSD Bluetooth icon)
12. Modify the charging mode shutdown display to be the same as the non-charging mode shutdown display (show off)
13. Adjust the order of submenu items when the „Xspace/XBass key is pressed for 3s: digital filter, Bluetooth voice switch, screen brightness, USB charging, restore factory settings.
14. Fix the problem that when USB & line are connected at the same time, the USB channel will be cut to the line channel, and the sound will be muted for about 10 seconds before returning to normal.
15. Modify the Bluetooth connection, after leaving the effective connection distance, the Bluetooth icon flashes 2 times with an interval of 1 second and then flashes 2 times again (before evenly flashing without interval).
16. Fix the USB data port charging, connected to the computer demand too much current (occasionally the screen does not show
charging current too much) will stop charging, and can not identify the hardware.
17. Fix the problem of no output/automatic shutdown when charging at the USB data port and plugging and unplugging the charging
cable several times.
18. Modify the function of automatic shutdown after 20min of no data input in charging or noncharging mode to: automatic shutdown
after 20min of no data input in noncharging mode, and no automatic shutdown with/without data input in charging mode (USB data port charging/type-c charging port charging, or both).

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